Medicalresearch Organizing Committee

Igor Klepikov

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Biography: Igor Klepikov was born and Studied in the USSR.Pediatric Surgeon of th ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pediatrics and Surgery

Dr. Pushpanjali Swain

Head of the Department
National Institute of Health and Family Welfare

Biography: The author is currently Professor and Head of the Department of Statis ReadMore...

Research Interest: Statistics and Demography

Eran Tal-Or

Haifa University

Biography: 2015 Member of the Israel Army (IDF) field hospital after earthquake i ReadMore...

Research Interest: Emergency Medicine; Trauma Research and Education; Pre-hospi ReadMore...

Ibraimov A.

National Center of Cardiology and Internal Medicine

Biography: About Ibraimov has more than 40 years expertise in studying of human c ReadMore...

Research Interest: Human chromosomal Q-heterochromatin regions (Q-HRs) polymorp ReadMore...

Segundo Mesa Castillo

Doctor (Specialist in Neurology)
Psychiatric Hospital of Havana

Biography: Segundo Mesa Castillo. As Specialist in Neurology, he worked for 10 ye ReadMore...

Research Interest: Neurology & Neuro Science

Shrikant Mane

Yale Center for Genomic Analysis

Biography: Shrikant M. Mane, PhD Professor of Genetics; Director, MBB Keck Biote ReadMore...

Research Interest: Genetics

Laju Maya Basnet

Nepal Medical College

Biography: Laju Maya Basnet is an anatomist working as a lecturer in Department o ReadMore...

Research Interest: Anatomist working and as well as Plastic Surgery in Surgical ReadMore...

Li-LIng Yu

Research Scientist
New Image Dental Clinic, Taipei

Biography: Li-Ling Yu has her expertise in evaluation and passion in improving La ReadMore...

Research Interest: Laser applications in conservative Dentistry

Friday Ohimai Oshiotse

Medical Laboratory Scientist
University of Benin
Benin City

Biography: Friday Ohimai Oshiotse is a Medical Laboratory Scientist and a young r ReadMore...

Research Interest: Lassa fever, Mastomys natalensis, Haematological parameters, ReadMore...

Ramesh K Batra

Yale University

Biography: Ramesh Batra is a multi-organ transplant surgeon at the Yale Universit ReadMore...

Research Interest: Maximum utility of deceased donor and living donor organs an ReadMore...

Mbu Daniel Tambi

Senior Researcher
University of Bamenda

Biography: Tambi Daniel Mbu is a senior researcher of Health Economics in the Uni ReadMore...

Research Interest: Health Economics & Public Health Management

Karabo Motswagae

Associate Prof
Sheffield University, England

Biography: The theory is dedicated to my ex-colleagues for believing in my intell ReadMore...

Research Interest: Anemia Homeopathy

Ousman Bajinka

Medical Research Council (MRC) Gambia Unit

Biography: Ousman Bajinka holds a Master degree in Microbiology from Ege Universi ReadMore...

Research Interest: Life Science Informatics,Microbiological Diagnostics and Med ReadMore...